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SS Canberra

Launch 1961

SS Canberra operated on cruises in the P&O fleet and made her maiden voyage starting in June 1961.

The interior was part of the modern movement with regards to the use of new  technology and design, using plastics and aluminium. The design was carried out by McInnes' Gardner professional team headed by Sir Hugh Casson. Tourist-class passengers was of a standard higher than anything seen before on any British passenger ship.


The futuristic design lend a perfect backdrop of the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever


There was a Main Lounge, Smoking Room and Reading Room, the Pop Inn for teenagers, even an English "Pub", The Cricketers' Tavern, as well as a Ballroom, The Island Room and a trendy poolside cafe. Her two restaurants were situated low-down on E-deck for stability on long voyages. 

In First-class, the Meridian Room had its own small forward cocktail bar, 'the Century Bar', but an internal spiral stairway rose three decks to the impressive Crows Nest Observation Lounge.

One of Canberra's many innovative features was in the idea of the "Cabin Court" introduced in First-class, whereby inside cabins were able to benefit from "borrowed light" from external windows.

Eventually, she was sold to ship breakers for scrapping in 1997.

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