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Alexander McInnes Gardner - founder.

During the war he served in the RFA, attaining the rank of major, and on his return formed a partnership with Crawley, which was terminated by the latter's death, after which he worked alone.

Jack Baker MacIntyre with Margaret Thatcher at the opening of Shell's Head Office in Aberdeen. By 1970 he was sole partner at McInnes Gardner & Partners.

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Alastair John Dott MacIntyre is McInnes Gardner today's Senior Partner. Pictured here with Kevin McCloud featuring in Grand Designs.

His vision is to grow McInnes Gardner through contrasting traditional architectural styles with innovative modernist concepts of openness and minimalism.

Grand Designs Alastair MacIntyre with Ke
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Alexander McInnes Gardner established the practice in 1910 with commissions for headquarter buildings for Banks + Insurance. 

1934-68 The practice established a worldwide reputation for Fitting-Out of Ships (130). The world’s best known ocean liners; Queen Mary, Mauritania, Queen Elizabeth, Canberra, and the Royal Yacht Britannia.

1970-90 Expertise shifted to Leisure and Commercial sectors (many public houses and hotels) and the emerging North Sea Oil industry, including Shell's headquarters in Aberdeen (phases 1 to 5).

1990 to date - McInnes Gardner, nowadays also refered to as MIG, continues with a young and motivated team and maintains the firm’s long-standing reputation for professionalism and excellence in Design. Principal activities remain in the Commercial + Industrial sectors -TV exposure on Grand Designs & multiple awards has seen increased commissions for one-off luxury-homes.

Our Philosophy


The whole philosophy of our practice is based upon a quality of service to our clients. We adhere to this ethos consistently across our whole body of work, from the smallest job to the practice’s larger work on public and commercial buildings.

At the heart of our business is high-quality design. We form a design team for each project, under the personal direction of the designated project architect who will take ownership of the project from inception to completion. Design teams are selected based on their experience and expertise in the type of project in hand.


Practice principal, Alastair MacIntyre, has an overview of all work produced by the firm. We believe in developing several design options for each project, and subjecting them to rigorous assessment to determine the optimum design solution. We also have a number of staff with specialist skills, who are brought in to projects at the appropriate stage to assist in this evaluation.

We are accustomed to acting as design leader for projects, collaborating with leading engineers, cost consultants and other specialists as required. We have developed a range of design-management skills to ensure that the design process is efficient, and projects are completed on time.

We believe that our work successfully balances imagination and creativity with functionality, commercial awareness, and construction expertise. Our goal is to produce buildings that lift the spirits and meet our clients’ aspirations in every way.

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Our Philosophy

Moving Forwards


We strive to lead in the world of innovation. Because we are fascinated by technology, we embrace the opportunities to utilise it in our architecture and design processes. 


Virtual Reality (VR)

Google's Cardboard launch in 2014,  with Augmented Reality (AR) led us to  utilise this technology.

Now we own the best Virtual Reality (VR) hardware available to allow our clients a hi definition, motion tracked experience as part of the design development process.

ECO / Sustainability

We realise our responsibility to the environment and our role within the building industry, using natural resources and innovative eco materials. Sustainability covers a broad number of issues related to buildings, understanding that  each of our clients have their own focus and goals for engaging with sustainability. 

Smart Buildings

Whenever we design any building it is pertinent to incorporate the automation of the property use, or Domotics (Domestic Robotics) systems for homes. This is a set of technologies applied to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. Its systems allow for efficient management of energy consumption, security, accessibility, and the general comfort of the building, becoming an important issue to consider when designing, building, and living.

Moving Forwards

Our Services


We offer a full range of architect services and you select and pay only for the services you require. You can be assured of high quality professional advice and service from a chartered architect. We’ve outlined below the main services we can offer but please do not hesitate to contact us if your project does not seem to fit one of the below.

Concept and sketch designs - If you know your space isn’t working for you but you don’t know where to start making changes, we can advise on what is possible, from some sketch ideas, simple 3D models to Virtual Reality designs, and get cost advice so that you can work out what is within your budget. 

Interior design - Part of our service includes assitance to our clients to visualise the interior of their their new project, selecting the correct materials and colours to achieve the new look. We aim to offer the highest level of bespoke turn-key solutions whether it concerns a factory, office space, museum decor, or a luxury home.

New build - We have gained a reputation for bespoke one off housing with many of our recent projects receiving awards and media coverage. We enjoy a creative challenge, be it a domestic or commercial project. 

Extensions - From sketch design ideas right through to dealing with builders on site we will help you through the process of extending. We will guide you through the permissions required, help you to find the right Contractor and our favourite part is making sure that the design is right and meets your aspirations.

Planning application submissions - Planning Permission is required for many external alterations to your property but there are also many alterations and extensions which can be done under what’s known as ‘Permitted Development’ rights. We can advise on what sort of permission is required and will consult with the Local Planning Department regarding your project before submitting an application on your behalf. We like to ensure that projects go through the Planning Application process with the minimum of fuss and we have a good success rate for approvals.

Building warrant submissions - Building Control deal with the technical aspects of a proposal – fire regulations, sustainability requirements, access, heating, ventilation, electrics, structure and insulation are all part of the regulations. We will add all the relevant details to the plans, submit the Building Warrant Application on your behalf and then deal with any queries they raise. All but the very smallest projects usually require a Building Warrant, and it is unlawful to start work without one.

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Our Services
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