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Smart Homes

Domotics & House Automatics

Domotic systems are based on the collection of data by sensors, which are then processed to issue precise orders to the executors, varying the environmental quality of each enclosure according to the needs of the user.


The pace of current life and the technological advances we have experienced in recent years have led to new ways of living, motivating the design of homes and more human, multifunctional and flexible buildings.


What was once a luxury is now a feasible and effective solution for all types of projects. It is about controlling, from the palm of your hand or by voice, wherever you are, the air conditioning, the doors, the blinds, the irrigation, the video entry phone, the swimming pool (water filling, PH level, cover closing), the coffee machine and, in short, everything that includes domotic “intelligence”.

Home automation security systems aim to keep the home safe, as well as the people who live in it. The technology is developed and applied to prevent from thefts, gas leaks and fires. Tele-assistance and medical alert in the home has become very

important in this segment.

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