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Virtual Reality Suite

Virtual Reality Design Tool

We are proud of our contemporary modern designs created in a Virtual Reality System, to immerse our clients in the world of mind-blowing virtual reality with movements feeling as if they are walking through their own future one-off designed property.


The client can visit our Virtual Reality Suites in our office building where they can move around freely, exploring projects in a completely revolutionary way as these develop from sketch to material selection, furniture positioning and lighting solution. It quite simply takes you there. 

We use a system called HTC VIVE PRO, which is a virtual reality brand of hardware that unleashes imaginations beyond the limits of our world, developed especially for architectural, construction, planning and landscaping designs. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, the client can now experience a building before it’s built. 

We selected the HTC VIVE Pro as it delivers the best experience between the various virtual-reality systems. Together with Sub-millimeter-precise tracking technology from SteamVR, High-fidelity hardware and an ecosystem of innovation from VIVE, they make a superlative experience unlike any other. With the wireless headset our clients are able to jump into the future of true art and walk or even fly through their building, whether it is a luxury home, an office, a hospital, or a factory.

With 360-degree controllers, headset tracking, directional audio and HD haptic feedback, the client’s 'visit' into the property will never feel more real. The outcome is an unbelievable immersive experience.

Virtual reality with plan.png
Virtual reality with plan.png
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