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New House

The site is south facing on an elevated slope overlooking Loch Awe and onwards to the grandeur of an undisturbed highland landscape stretching beyond.

The open plan interior of the deck level provides space for the kitchen, dining area and lounge allowing the owners to spend the bulk of their day living with the landscape and weather. The master bedroom and 'snug' sitting room are located on the same floor but are recessed back to give spaces of retreat and enclosure for quieter and more private living.

Whilst the building is contemporary in design, the materials and colours used in its elevations are intended to offer a degree of camouflage, minimising its visual disturbance in the landscape by using a more muted & natural palette of colours.

Heating & hot water requirements are met by use of a ground source heat pump in conjunction with an array of photovoltaic solar panels. 

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Structural Engineers

Window suppliers

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